All That Net

About All That Net

All That Net is a professional services company that has developed a variety of Internet related projects both for our clients and for our own use. For the right online business opportunity, we also are open to exploring partnerships with aspiring online enterpreneurs and other businesses.

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with years of experience in web development and skilled in all aspects of the web development lifecycle, database and web server management, and server security auditing and protection.

Once you engaged All That Net, we will meet you for a consultation to learn about your business and business objective for the online presence, which will drive the web design effort. During this meeting, we will also discuss your budget, target audience, and marketing plan for your Internet business, including the domain name (if needed) and plans for social media presence.

After the consultation, we will prepare a proposal that will explain All That Net process of designing your website, functional and interactive aspects of the website, implementation timeline as well as requirements for you, the client, such as photos, business descriptions, and other content we may be including in the website design. We will outline all deliverables, so that you know what you are getting and when.

Our goal is to create a highly functional, fast, and eye-catching website that will please your visitors when viewed both with a computer and on a mobile device. To accomplish this goal, All That Net will begin by defining the information architecture, i.e., all the functional and interactive elements, which will make the website work as intended, as well as presentation formats to be used. All That Net will start the programming by creating a functional website template that will define the look of the website's landing page, usually its front page, as well as a look for a suplemental page, if different. We will share our design progress with you along the way.

Once the implementation phase is complete, All That Net will proceed with a testing and review step. We will review the website with you and and collect your feedback. This will help us establish how accurately we implemented your requirements and to implement changes, if necessary.

Once final changes are complete and accepted by the client and website thoroughly tested, we will officially launch the website. Upon the launch, the easy part is done. Time to discuss your marketing plan!

Your website will already include all basic search engine optimizations (SEO) in industry speak. However, SEO is a very small part of your success online. Far more important is your "actual" presence online, i.e., everything you do to remind your propective customers that your business is now online. All That Net will provide you with a checklist of steps and ideas you should implement and we will stand ready to assist you when requested.

Are you ready to take your business online?